XVII Costa Rica National Tourism Congress

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    The 17th annual National Tourism Congress, organized by the National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR), will take place this year at the Costa Rica Marriott Hotel in San Jose, on September 25-26.

    Under the theme “Tourism from a New Point of View: Redefining Strategy,” the Congress will provide a meeting point and discussion forum for entrepreneurs and tourism professionals, where they will analyze the new trends and demands of Costa Rica tourism.

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    One of the goals of the event is for tourism businesses to gain knowledge from experienced professionals about ways to innovate and improve their business strategies in order to face the challenges of today’s competitive market.

    The Congress will feature 16 exhibitors, both national and international, who will share their expertise through a series of thematic conferences.

    Juan Carlos Ramos, President of CANATUR, noted the importance of providing a space for training the professionals who make up the country’s tourism industry.

    “Tourism is one of the most competitive industries in the world, not only because every country is working to be the best destination and attract more visitors, but because tourism is an activity that requires businesses to be constantly reinventing their marketing strategies. Because of this, CANATUR has created a space for the training of professionals, providing concrete and practical tools to meet the challenges of the industry,” said Ramos.

    Another goal of the Congress is to support the development of production chains and business networking. In addition, entrepreneurs will receive help in identifying the potential of their business in order increase their opportunities for growth and development by planning a strategy that is adjustable to the changes of the tourism demand.

    For the Minister of Tourism, Allan Flores, innovation is one of the key elements to guarantee the competitiveness of the tourism industry. However, Flores indicates that the country must also hold the distinction it has achieved world wide for its sustainable practices. Therefore, innovations in tourism must go in accordance with the country’s new tourism development model and ensure sustainable growth.

    The topics selected for this year edition of the National Tourism Congress are:
    – The importance of tourism in Costa Rica – present and future
    – The economic impact on the tourism industry and service providers.
    – Competiveness as a key element in development.
    – The new model of the Hotel industry in Costa Rica.
    – The effect of technology in the tourism industry.

    According to Ramos, these topics were selected by CANATUR because they are some of the key points that the tourism sector must strengthen and update constantly.

    Among the international exhibitors are Francisco Forero Bonell, Google Sales Manager for Central America and the Caribbean, Arnold J. Reyes, PayPal Director of Marketing Development for Central America and the Caribbean, and Christopher Tuff, Director of Earned and Emerging Media at 22 Squared.

    Meanwhile, the national exhibitors include Julio Mendez Muñoz, Country Manager for Manpower Costa Rica, Allan Flores, Minister of Tourism, Pablo Bogantes, General Manager at Toyota Rent a Car, Eugenia Solano from Rainforest Adventure Costa Rica, and others.

    The 17th National Tourism Congress is sponsored by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), Banco Nacional (BNCR), the Costa Rican Training Institute (INA) and Mapache Rent a Car.
    The inscription cost for the event is $200. Those affiliated with CANATUR will receive a discount of $50.

    To download the schedule for the Congress visit

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