WWE Fighter and Her Husband Were Seen in La Fortuna de San Carlos on Their Honeymoon

    In their social networks, they continue to publish the great time they are having in Costa Rica

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    This past week, the American WWE fighter, Charlotte Flair, shared several stories on Instagram on her social networks that make it very clear that she was hitting an “avenizado” in San José with her husband, Manuel Alfonso Andrade, who is of Mexican nationality and shares the same profession as his wife.

    Both were part of the famous American wrestling company, WWE, in addition, while working there they met, and this past Saturday got married, in simple words, the world of the rings united them forever.

    Flair is called the “WWE queen of the ring”, since she is the best female champion in the entire history of WWE, with a record of 12 championships in that category. While her husband resigned and is now part of the AEW company, which could be said to be one of WWE’s direct competitors.

    More about their tour of Costa Rica

    On their social networks, they continue to publish the great time they are having in Costa Rica, what’s more, Andrade posted a significant number of photos on his Instagram feed where he appears with his wife enjoying a catamaran on Lake Arenal.

    Both will continue their honeymoon in the area of ​​the Gulf of Papagayo since this fighter with a reel on the aforementioned social network was joking with his wife, who was afraid to travel by plane from Fortuna de San Carlos to the asserted sector of the province from Guanacaste.

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