Wildlife Act Not in Force 4 Months After Approval

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    The Wildlife Act, passed last December 10th, has failed to take effect, because the executive branch has not sent its publication in La Gaceta.

    La Gaceta is the government’s official newspaper, and new decrees, and laws must be published there for the public before the laws can officially take effect.

    Deputy Claudio Monge sent an official letter to President Laura Chinchilla, requesting publication of the law and seeking explanations for the delay in its publication.

    The law provides, among other rules, banning sport hunting in the country, however, the exception of the Act is that does not apply to the practices and customs of nonprofit traditional indigenous peoples.

    Monge criticized the fact that the government is not to process this law, even more so in the first to be adopted by popular initiative. “Costa Rica becomes the first country to ban sport hunting. It is very important because it places us in the international framework as an advanced country in terms of biodiversity, and another thing that strengthens conservation areas, to give them tools and resources as it should be, “said Monge.

    The Wildlife Act would also regulates wild life in System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) for zoos, animal breeding, rescue centers, nurseries, aquariums, botanical gardens, herbal, national museums, among others.

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