Let’s stop the BS. If a man does not call you, it’s because he does not want to call you. If he doesn’t invite you out, it’s because he doesn’t want to see you. If he treats you like crap, it’s because he doesn’t care about you. If he betrays you, it is because he doesn’t like you very much. If he lets you go it’s because he does not want to be with you.
“It’s that I’m not ready, it’s that you are the woman of my life but, it’s that now is not the time, is that I do not know, I have to organize my life, is that yes but no, is that…”

Is that?!, Is that it doesn’t want… !!! You think, poor thing, my man, and following the game of confusion and victimization because “poor guy, the one who loves me, but I understand”.

Let’s leave one thing clear: When a man wants to be with you, HE WILL !! That easy. Without so many entanglements, without so many lies, without so many excuses. When a man melts for you, he may scare you, of course he does, but you face him because he will not risk losing you.

Stop being so Mother Teresa, justifying each rejection, every turn and every excuse. Put yourself in the first place. You don’t need someone who does not know what you want, who doesn’t see how much you’re worth, who doesn’t see everything you can bring into his life.

Please! don’t take uneasiness, doubts and contempt wrapped up in meaningless explanations. You deserve, you DESERVE a man who knows what he has in front of him, that values ​​you and tries every day for you. Stop already breaking your nails for something that probably will not be as good as you think and give yourself the opportunity to receive everything you deserve with a man who does want you.

REMEMBER: There is no man scared or confused. Neither is there a man tragically affected by the past, nor a man in need of help. Men are divided into only two categories: those that love you and those who do not.

All the rest is an excuse!

By: German Carias

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