What is Blue Tooth Marketing?

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    BlueTooth Marketing is a full solution enabling Bluetooth advertising and Bluetooth marketing (also called Proximity Advertising). Bluetooth marketing is the ability to send short messages, images and applications to mobile phones, PDA, and PocketPCs over a distance of 100m without any additional costs. More info about Bluetooth marketing and Bluetooth Advertising

    BlueTooth Marketing was developed by Day Group Services team. With our experience in mobile content and mass communications, we can bring excellent content to the Bluetooth Advertising that you have and create custom applications for your needs. We can also rebrand some of the images and applications that we have for your usage.

    How does BlueSense work?

    BlueTooth Marketing identifies nearby devices and sends suitable multimedia message to it (cell phones). You can attach from one to four Bluetooth transceivers to each device. Each point can discover all nearby Bluetooth devices and send appropriate multimedia message to each device. Having more than one point attached to BlueTooth Marketing will increase the speed of transfer and will enable BlueTooth Marketing to work simultaneously with more handsets.

    Advantage of Bluetooth Advertising:

    Compared with the traditional transmit media, our advantages as the following:

    • It will get to users personal mobile terminal unit
    • User can decide to accept the information or not by themselves
    • Low cost
    • Transmits file with multiplicity formats
    • User can have a High absorbency to the contents
    • Delivery the information to users accurately.
    • Non-intrusive way of advertising. The user will not get the Advertising unless he/she approves it.
    • It could be located in anywhere where you would like to display
    • The information can stay with the user to take a look into in the future.
    • Users can share the information using bluetooth technology (costless for the user), creating word of mouth campaigns.

    Our Bluetooth Marketing Solution ensures you will get these advantages and lot more! Visit to understand how we can offer different solutions from other competitors.

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