Wellness Tourism: A Trip to Our Interior

    Thanks to the benefits in physical and mental health, wellness tourism stands out among the new travel trends, offering healthy activities such as balanced food and energy

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    Holidays, relaxation and healing: a perfect package. The growing popularity of health and wellness retreats is testament to the growing interest in physical and spiritual care, even when it comes to going on vacation.

    The ways of traveling evolve, and more and more travelers seek to discover destinations that contribute to their mental and physical health, doing healthy activities and eating in a healthy and balanced way. This is what is known as wellness tourism.

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    During the time that the person is traveling, the objective is to carry out activities such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation, and even the adoption of a totally healthy diet. The objective? return from the trip with a feeling of renewal for body and mind.

    Costa Rican Institutions Look to Strengthen Wellness Tourism in the Country(Opens in a new browser tab)

    Wellness tourism stands out as the fastest growing sector, with an increase of 10% during the past years, a trend that has picked up again during the pandemic and which seems to have favorably installed in the Eco resort sector.

    According to the Global Wellness Summit, global travelers take around 586 million wellness trips each year and account for 15% of tourism globally, second only to cultural tourism. Wellness travelers spend approximately 130% more than the average traveler.

    Resonance in Costa Rica

    The best physical options combine activity and nature, two keys to wellness tourism. Countries like Costa Rica offer endless proposals for travelers seeking to balance body and soul. An example of this is Resonance, located at Playa Hermosa-Jaco.

    At Resonance slow living, ancestral rituals, and spiritual retreats, make it possible to reconnect with the inner world, while activities such as yoga and meditation in front of the sea make it a perfect destination to achieve a comprehensive and restorative rest.

    Holistic Center

    Resonance is a sanctuary to focus body, mind and spirit, which will offering various wellness services such as aesthetic medicine, yoga and nutrition classes, where each resident can disconnect and recharge, achieving personal well-being and balance.

    This development is a commitment to connecting with being. The different approaches complement each other to treat the being as a whole, and those services arise from the culture or the natural surroundings of the destination. The Holistic Center was created under a 100% eco-sustainable design, with workshops on environmental care that allow a true lifestyle in balance with nature.

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