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    Submitted by: Rachael M

    We should not pollute the planet we live in. The planet Earth is the only planet we have got that contains all our needs to live. So if we all stop polluting, then the planet would last longer. And we need to convince people to help and stop polluting. There are a lot of reasons and I am going to try and convince you to help your planet.

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    The pollution in this planet is becoming very very bad. People keep polluting rivers and the fish are dying .Because of that all animals are dying like grizzly bears etc. Besides that we are breathing in bad air, drinking bad water etc.

    In the future our children are going to ask themselves why did our parents pollute so much And they are going to suffer  for our mistakes but worst of all the mistakes we are making can be prevented.

    Finally we need to take serious measures to prevent our mistakes you might think all this is a lie but it is not  We need to recycle as much as we can ,not waste things, basically  stop polluting and do what you think is right for  the planet we live in.

    Basicly what we need to do is care and act , do something , everything you think is good for the planet, DO IT

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