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    Many of the answers on how this can be achieved have already been revealed

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    Wake up! The time is now, and the earth needs us. We were all brought here to create a new world, where all beings are welcomed with freedom, love, and respect. Our planet can support us all, but only if we choose to restore her back to her natural state of abundance. Many of the answers to how this new world can come about have already been revealed, and much more unfolds at a miraculous pace. As each brilliant soul awakens and contributes their gifts, the scale shifts and the tipping point gets closer. Which is how we can all wake up.

    Wake Up

    Urgency is rising as we observe a divided world with failing systems. A place where financial institutions bring debt, health systems build on sickness, and governments allow the exploitation of their land and its people. The elections in the USA mirror a space clouded with greed, and driven by an agenda that only benefits an elite few. The division continues on sacred lands where indigenous rights are ignored, and peaceful protesters protecting the land are met with military force at sacred sites like Standing Rock. Coral reefs are dying faster than all predictions, while the earth is exploding with natural disasters like floods, volcanoes, and rising sea levels. The exploitation of fossil fuels sucks the life out of our planet, and more people die from pollution than anything else in this world.  Which is where we all need to wake up, and look around at what has been created.

    So what can we do to avoid absolute catastrophe as so much around us is crumbling down? The answer is actually simple.  Take back our power and choose to live another way. The most important decisions are made by each one of us, continuously, in our daily lives. With every purchase, we tell suppliers that we support them and their practices. But do we really take the time to figure out if the products we buy truly have our stamp of approval?

    A good place to start this investigation is by taking a closer look at drinking water. Most would agree that every citizen of the world should have access to clean, pure drinking water. Instead, city systems commonly chlorinate and treat water with toxic chemicals like fluoride, and making tap water dangerous to drink. Water removes waste from the body and if the water isn’t clean, it simply can’t perform this important task. This can lead to many health issues like cancer, birth defects, reproductive problems, and in some cases, death. Instead, drink clean water by investing in a good filter or a spring system, and enjoy the many health benefits.  Wake up.  Make informed and wise choices to support your own heath and well-being.

    Let thy food be your medicine and your medicine be thy food.” This quote by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, has been around since 400 BC and for good reason! We are what we eat.  Our food provides our bodies with the nutrients, and building blocks they need to thrive. When we eat fresh, whole food that’s farmed organically and locally, we give our bodies the best medicine. Genetically modified and processed food is growing increasingly more dangerous, with life-threatening ingredients becoming common additives that are known to alter our DNA. By changing what we eat, we can drive a prevention-based medicine model that puts the individual’s holistic well-being as the top priority.

    Our buying power as consumers sets the precedence for what is available in the market. We vote with every purchase, so buy clean food that respects the earth and all her beings. In our economic system demand runs supply, and we’ll get real food when we demand it. For the greatest impact on your local community, shop at farmer’s markets and let the farmers know the quality of food that you wish to spend your money on. When we wake up and recognize our own power to make change, then we can start to really live a life of abundance.

    Speak up and find your voice! You have a right to know what’s in your meal. Whether it’s served at the nearest soda (a Tico-run, local Costa Rican restaurant), or any other place around the world. Say no to harmful, fluoridated table salt, commonly added to dishes world-wide, or the modified oils that come with huge health risks. If you don’t know why these are harmful products, then empower yourself to find out the truth. The answers are usually just a few clicks away. It’s your responsibility to find out what’s in your food, so you can make informed decisions on what really serves you.

    Our buying power goes even further than just our food, as we influence all products on the market. Whether it’s biodegradable cleaning supplies, fair-trade clothing, or other consumer goods.  We decide what companies we support, and our rate of consumption. If you are here to feel healthy and heal the earth, then it’s important to pay attention to what practices each brand represents, the ingredients used, and the amount of energy consumed. If there is repression of humans, animals or our ecosystem, the impacts will eventually spill over and negatively affect all of us.

    To wake up is more than just thinking of our own needs.  It’s recognizing that your impact expands like a ripple of water. There is no separation between all organisms, including the human race and the planet that supports us. Instead of acting like a parasite and exploiting resources, we need to turn to solutions for sustainability, peace and harmony. Wake up, make your choice, take action and stand strong as an example. Before long, the tipping point will come.  The old will crash down, and we will be creating the new world.  Serving all people and beings from a place of love.

    WRITTEN BY:  Luba Nikolayev

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