Virtual Fair held in December to support SMEs across Costa Rica

To help small and medium-sized companies that have been economically affected in the country during 2020, the INS Group holds the third edition of the Big Ideas Expo, this year in virtual mode.

For four weeks, about 400 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to exhibit their creations and promote their products virtually. The fair will be held from December 1 to 31, registration is completely free and will include jewelry, tourism, gastronomy, shoemaking, paintings, fashion, and accessories.

The participating entrepreneurs were previously selected through an open call on social networks, each one will have a virtual stand with the company logo, images, videos, connection to their social networks, product catalog, and contact forms.

“As a public company, supportive and committed to the development of the country, we also must support and promote the progress and competitiveness of SMEs, because when we offer them collaboration we not only promote their growth but also that of their family, those who provide employment, the community in general and with this, we contribute to reactivate the economy; for that reason, this type of fairs are so important for us”, assured Gina Córdoba, head of the Individual Clients and SMEs Directorate.

In addition to exhibiting their products, participating companies will receive talks on business development and insurance issues. There will also be craft workshops and other activities available to the public.

Previous editions

The Great Ideas Expo was held for the first time in Liberia in 2018 and 2019 it was moved to Pérez Zeledón. In both editions, more than 200 entrepreneurs participated and more than 400 people received training to strengthen their ventures.

Entrepreneurs will use the platform to display their products during the virtual fair, a site where interested parties can enter as of December 1st

and support Costa Rican SMEs by buying Christmas gifts at this virtual fair.

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