Small and Big Business Development Strategies

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN)- Keeping a small or big business in development requires creativity, effort, ideas, and strategies to keep pace while opening new markets.

    The Mexican expert and business consultant, Karl Ayala, says that it is common to hear ideas about how to develop your business, overcome the static, conformity, creativity and innovation paralysis in people, in companies, institutions, and even in the sociocultural context we live in.

    “On this matter there is a phrase I would like to share: ‘If you want to see things you’ve never seen, you must do things you’ve never done …’, and that is what needs to be applied with the companies, it is all about daring to make small changes that will generate better results “, said Ayala.

    In order to improve the development of our businesses, Karl Ayala suggests four simple but practical strategies.

    “First of all I recommend using social networks. It is easy to do and it is probably already included in our daily budget. It is important to create content related to new products, but most of all, it is especially important to show the experiences os customers. It is necessary to invite them to talk about the service and how they took advantage of it, “said Ayala.

    Secondly, the expert recommends renewing your site as much and as often as possible. Some ideas include moving the furniture to different places, adding plants, painting the walls with different colors, changing the decoration, among others. If your business is primarily marketed online, then renew the photographs frequently.

    The third step is elated to interaction with the target audience. You have to keep track of your customers.  “There are many ways of contacting them, such as offering frequent customer cards, discounts on birthdays or anniversaries, discounts on services, raffles, etc. The goal is to always communicate with them and invite them to try and use your products “, stated  Ayala.

    Finally, the after sales step is essential. In this case the strategies are related to the databases that companies must built with all their clients, whether frequent or sporadic.

    “You must have an updated record of your clients and keep track of them by calling them to remind them about new products or important dates. It is essential to invest more and spend less, and always study your audience” Ayala added. EF

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) has proven experts in this area. If you are interested in a free consultation please contact us at [email protected]

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