Unable to Access USA Tv in Costa Rica? This is the Perfect Solution

The year is 2019.  You should be able to watch TV series from your country of choice in anywhere in the world. Yet sometimes it can feel like this is completely restricted.  It is often a problem due to copyright, licensing, or even legal issues. This concept of blocking access to content based on geographical location is called Geo-blocking.

Let’s take Costa Rica for example. A cradle of happiness in Central America offering a slew of interesting locations and activities.  Sometimes after a long fun-filled day here, you may want to de-stress and watch an American series. The problem is, it might not be available in any location apart from the US.

What to do When You Can’t Access USA TV in a Foreign Country?

There is no reason to stress if you are temporarily unable to watch a show in a foreign country.  The idea here is to de-stress. There are numerous ways to get around this problem. However, it is important to understand how the system works first.

When you visit a website, it has access your IP address. This address is used to track your physical location. When you access a website that grants access exclusively to US-based users, it can block you if you are viewing it from a foreign country.  This is done by examining the location of your IP address.

Now that you understand how websites can restrict access based on location, you may have guessed the solution as well.  It’s a simple solution too—manipulate the IP address! The question is- is that possible while travelling? With a VPN, the answer is yes!

Enter VPN

If you want to access USA TV in other countries when you are traveling or have moved abroad, then you can easily do that with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. A VPN service has many advantages.

A VPN service allows you to access geo-restricted content by re-directing your requests via remote servers that are based in the host country.  When accessing the Internet in the United States from Costa Rica with a VPN service, the service will encrypt your information and send it to the requested website via a US server. This way, the website sees the IP address of the server rather than your physical one.  This will allow you to access to geo-blocked content no matter your actual physical location.

By using a reliable VPN service, you can:

  • Visit websites that are blocked from certain locations
  • Buy digital products at lower prices by using servers of third-world countries like China and Indonesia
  • Protect your privacy online
  • Prevent hacking attempts

In this tech-powered world, where there are problems, there are solutions too.  The problem of geo-restricted content isn’t a major one with the right “fix”. Most importantly, one should compare the popular VPN services that will fit their needs. Pick one that’s attained a solid reputation and fitting to your budget. Now you can enjoy American or any other programming in Paradise!


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