American in Costa Rica? How to get a Conviction Removed from Your United States Public Records

If you have a past conviction in the US, then it’s natural for you to be anxious about who might find out or what might happen if you go back with an outstanding record.  Perhaps you left the USA and your record was updated unbeknownst to you.  Maybe you didn’t know about the new tax guidelines and amnesty program with a grace period to file back taxes, and let it go long overdue.  When you have a final court judgment, as opposed to a civil dispute, then the instance is entered in the public records. People are then able to fetch the details about you through the Internet. This raises the question- what can you do to remove the information from public records? Let’s first address the basic points of this problem.

How do Court Filings Get Added to Public Records?

When a conviction, civil judgment, or guilty plea is settled in court, then the court records are updated accordingly and made accessible to the public.

How to Check if Your Conviction is in Public Records?

One of the best ways to check if your name is in public records is to choose the best background check services for the database you want to be crawled.  The service you choose should be able to fetch the records fast, offer a good number of search options, provide accurate results, and fit your budget. You will be surprised to know that finding a product like that isn’t as hard as it sounds.  Some of the most reputable services can be found here.

If you checked the public records and found your name on a list, then you can consider the following steps to have it removed or expunged.

In Order to Have Your Record Expunged…

Study the Process:

Every state its own legal standard for expungement. So, if you want your record expunged, then it’s only wise to read about the legal process that applies to your state. Doing your homework will allow you to prepare accordingly and gain leverage in the process. For instance, if the prosecutor(s) failed to follow the correct procedure themselves, then they may have violated the law. In that case, you can sue them yourself.

Take Legal Help:

Having an advocate by your side can make you more confident and provide assurance of a positive outcome. However, if a private lawyer can’t be arranged, then you can turn to Legal Aid Society which has a branch in almost every city in the U.S.  They will be able to provide you legal assistance for a small price or even completely free!  For a more complicated case, it might be worth working with an emissary or attorney on your behalf to check your official status at the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica.

Bottom Line:

Finding your name in public records can be a scary experience. However, the Internet can be your go-to platform for the information you need.  After all, when it can provide services such as Google, branding and marketing tools, local and international news and more, then it can also provide the details on what to do when you find your name in the public records. So do your research, but also be informed of the sources you consider.


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