Typical Costa Rican Foods that You Probably have not Tasted

Costa Rica is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches and pristine vegetation.

However, this Caribbean country has exquisite gastronomy that more than one tourist would love to savor every time they come.

Costa Rican gastronomy is a blend of European and Native American influences. This fusion of cultures and flavors has created a one-of-a-kind gastronomy that you will undoubtedly want to taste. In this article we will mention the 5 typical dishes that maybe you did not know.

  1. Ceviche: It is one of the main meal varieties in Costa Rica and although its origin is not clear, we can guarantee that the one prepared in Tico lands is one of a kind. The most important fact is that they prepare it throughout the country, although we recommend you try the one prepared in the province of Puntarenas.

The main ingredients of the Costa Rican ceviche are seafood and lemon juice. It is accompanied by onion, garlic, sweet chili, and Castile cilantro. As for fish, marlin, tilapia, or corvina are used. When preparing it, it is mixed with salt and placed in a container along with the other ingredients. Then the lemon juice is added and left to rest, covered for two hours. Finally, the dish should be refrigerated and served cold with avocado slices, corn, or soda crackers.

  1. Chorreadas: It is one of the most typical foods in Costa Rica, it can be found in any corner you visit the country, in addition to being enjoyed at any time of the year. This dish can be consumed as an opening dish in any restaurant.

Consisting of pancakes prepared with fresh corn and accompanied with an additional ingredient, which will depend on whether the dough is sweet or salty. Sweet pancakes are traditionally accompanied with honey or syrup and salty ones with sour cream, cream cheese, and even bacon or sausage. They can be accompanied with a delicious coffee or fresh fruit juice of the season.

  1. Pejibaye: It is the fruit of the palm tree and is used as a base or ingredient for various meals and typical desserts in Costa Rica. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and is rich in fiber. Pejibaye can be enjoyed mainly in the south part of the country especially during the October growing season, at an agricultural fair or market in the country.
  1. Guacho rice: It is a delicious dish widely consumed by Costa Ricans and tourists alike, enjoyed during any time of the year, consisting of watery rice to which pork, fish or chicken is added according to the taste of the eater.

This dish is a typical recipe from the province of Guanacaste, at the northern part of Costa Rica. Its preparation is simple, the minced meat is boiled in small pieces together with the onion, salt, pepper and the other ingredients, not counting the rice. When the meat is already soft, the raw rice and more water are added to it so that it cooks well, moving it constantly to avoid it from sticking. Its preparation may vary in some places where they can add potatoes, tomatoes and some sauce.

  1. Empanadas De Chiverre: They are part of the most traditional Easter dishes in Costa Rica. It consists of a sweet variant of the traditional “empanadas”, in which the dough is made with wheat flour and filled with delicious chiverre honey, which is a kind of sweet pulp used in various desserts and made from the fruit known as chiverre, and then deep-fried.

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