Traditional Remedies That Still Work

    Those remedies recommended by grannies decades after decades

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    Despite the advancement of science in the field of medicine, over the years it has been demonstrated by the scientific community that some traditional remedies still work to relieve certain symptoms. In this post we have gathered the most efficient home remedies; those remedies recommended by grannies decades after decades. Keep reading!

    Surely at some time in your life an old man recommended a traditional remedy, because there is never a lack of grandpa who advises us to rinse our mouths with water and salt when we bleed from the loss of a tooth, or the neighbor who recommends us to use willow bark to ease the pain. That is why, below, we will mention some of the traditional remedies that still work, and that are also backed by science:

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    Ginger: The Tea That Relieves Pain and Nausea

    We commonly know ginger for its effectiveness for sore throats, colds or even to reduce nausea, but a secret that this plant has is its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Ginger is a traditional remedy characterized by having among its properties an antioxidant capable of relating to the acidity in the fluid between the joints in order to break down the existing inflammation, in addition, it also prevents the creation of certain types of inflammatory compounds.

    The best thing about this medicinal plant is that these anti-inflammatory effects do not have the risks that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) carry. So the next time you have a minor ailment such as: muscle pain, toothache, back pain, or menstrual pain, try ginger tea.

    For the tea you just have to: boil two cups of water, grate half an inch of ginger, drop the grated ginger into the water, let stand for about 10 minutes and add honey or lemon juice to taste.

    Honey: Ideal to Relieve Cough

    Honey is considered an excellent natural expectorant, it has disinfectant, antibacterial and antibiotic capabilities, in addition, it helps reduce mucus and phlegm secretion; which is gratifying on those days when the cough does not let us carry out our daily activities.

    Honey is a recommended home remedy for children, thanks to studies carried out in recent years, where it was found that children who took 10g of honey before going to bed had less cough and were able to rest better than those who only ingested placebo.

    Lavender; The Plant That Decreases Anxiety And Migraine

    Lavender is a great natural pain reliever with anxiolytic, sedative and relaxing properties. Brewing a lavender tea or even owning a bag and enjoying its scent can be rewarding for reducing anxiety, relaxing the body and mind. Studies show that lavender is capable of relieving migraines, reducing memory problems, improving rest and minimizing restlessness or anxiety.

    Turmeric; To Decrease Inflammation And Relieve Pain

    Turmeric is a herbaceous plant used for nearly 4,000 years to treat pain, especially pain associated with inflammation.

    Different studies carried out by scientists have shown that turmeric is a home remedy that still works thanks to the properties of curcumin. Well, it was found that people who had arthritis pain noticed that their pain levels were reduced more when taking 500 mg of curcumin, than when they ingested 50 mg of the drug diclofenac sodium.

    In addition, studies have also shown that turmeric extract has the same level of efficacy as ibuprofen in relieving conditions such as knee osteoarthritis.

    One thing to keep in mind regarding this traditional remedy is that turmeric begins to have a long-term effect, so it is recommended to take half a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half of turmeric per day, so that it begins to provide benefits after 4-8 weeks.

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