Ticos Will be Able to Participate in Nasa’s Space Apps Challenge 2021

    Registration is now open and the contest will take place worldwide on October 2nd and 3rd

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    Space Apps Challenge 2021 is a contest in which participants must solve 26 global challenges of the planet and for the development of their proposal they can use technology and open resources from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

    Thanks to Edunámica and Global Hackathon, organizations in charge of bringing this event to the country, children, youth and adults, regardless of age or profession, from any part of Costa Rica, can register individually or in groups and contribute with their knowledge and skills to solve the challenges we face.

    A passion for technology and space

    The event is free and will take place on October 2nd and 3rd worldwide, and registrations are now open. The main requirement to participate is to have a passion for technology and space, according to Ricardo Quesada, Edunámica’s project coordinator.

    Contribute and learn

    “The greatest asset of this contest is that we all have something to contribute and learn; and this has been shown by previous editions. Participants will be able to create their prototypes of devices, mobile applications, video games, robots, monitors, software, among many other solutions that positively impact the world. And the best, using NASA technology and open resources”, said Quesada.

    For the competition, there will be expert mentors in topics such as: Space Environment, Cubesats, Space Exploration, Geospatial Technologies, Robotics, Software, among others, who will support and guide the participants in the development of their challenge.

    Also, talks will be held to introduce participants to the world of space. One of them is given by Ana Laura Loría, a Costa Rican who was part of one of the winning teams of the Space Apps Challenge 2020. Her Symbiosis team was selected as a global finalist in the worldwide competition, with a project that consisted of a web platform that analyzes the deforestation of indigenous territories.

    The Use of Space Technology to mitigate Climate Change, Space Apps Challenge Winning Teams and the role of technologies in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are other talks that will be given. For 9 years NASA has been running this contest that has reached more than 250 cities around the world.
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