Ticos Contribute to Making this Planet a More Humane Place

    The world needs authentic people, very concerned about everything that is done to contribute to the planet and aware of everything that remains to be done. At TCRN we talk with Ticos committed to caring for and giving the best of themselves every day of their lives...

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    Our planet continues to suffer great damage, all of this stems from the absence of totally “firm” environmental policies, which are developed from each continent. Greenhouse gas emissions are the main causes of the damage, and according to the new report from the United Nations Organization (UN), emissions will increase beyond the year 2025 or what many want to avoid, it can lead to a global warming of up to 3.2 degrees by 2100.

    Today, of course, the objective is not to exceed the current 1.5 degrees. In itself, global emissions must drop by 43% in 2030, compared to 2019, and by 84% in 2050, a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicated in recent days.

    Beyond everything, the damage caused, the warnings about climate change, there is a group of people who sit idly by and do not take the initiative, there is also another significant group, full of courage who day by day, second by second, do the best they can for our environment, our planet.

    Within the significant and also committed group, we have a Costa Rican Yogina Ureña, who is a sportswoman and environmental activist, who has led activities related to the cleaning of beaches and rivers, cigarette butt collection campaigns and recycling workshops.

    Through a conversation with TCRN, Yorgina told us about what, in her opinion, are important actions for the conservation of the environment, “in the environmental area we have been creating recycling workshops to encourage all children and young people to give a value to recycling, creating objects with garbage,” he said.

    Ureña also mentioned that it is important to reduce electricity consumption, constantly changing the light bulbs in the houses; save water consumption, closing the taps correctly.

    Regarding the personal contributions to encourage the ecological and sustainable, Yorgina talked about her Jacó Impact project, which, in her opinion, was born with the pillar of environment, and has the vision of motivating and inspiring the community to make positive changes. As mentioned, carrying out workshops and collecting waste, but also carrying out campaigns against cigarette butts in which they have created a recycled table with a total of 10,200 butts to raise awareness about this waste. In the rainy seasons they manage tree plantings in affected areas, among other activities.

    Finally, the Costa Rican Yorgina Ureña, emphasized the various recommendations to make our environment more conscious, optimal and humane:

    * Use cloth bags when you go to the supermarket.

    * Use only your bottle to fill it with water.

    * Use bamboo toothbrush or some biodegradable material.

    * Use environmentally friendly products.

    * Support the local market and consume organic products.

    * Get around by bike and public transport.

    * Turn off the lights if you don’t need them.

    * Do not throw garbage on the ground.

    All these and more recommendations are always timely to give our best contribution to the planet, now more so since we are on alert with the climate crisis, if the whole world were like the committed and significant group, our environment would be different…

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