Tico Government seeks approval of project to promote sustainable Fishing and Aquaculture

    Proposal includes financing from the World Bank which last March approved a loan of US $ 75.1 million for the sustainable management of the fishing sector

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    The Tico Government presented to the Legislative Assembly a bill for the development of a sustainable fishing and aquaculture project, which seeks to generate economic momentum and optimize the management of marine resources. The proposal includes a loan from the World Bank, which in March 2020 approved US $ 75.1 million for the sustainable management of the fishing sector in the country.

    As reported by the Executive, the total cost of the program is US $ 82.1 million, so the millions that the World Bank loan does not cover will be obtained through a national counterpart from the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA). .

    Main objective is to strengthen business and organizational capacities

    The project mainly targets the small-scale artisanal fishing sectors: shrimp, longliners, exporters, commercial tourist fishing, aquaculturists and domestic consumers. Likewise, its main objective is to strengthen business and organizational capacities for groups of fishermen, aquaculturists and responsible fishing marine areas. Also, give priority to the recovery of fishing resources and boost economic growth on the coasts.

    “This project will modernize the fishing and aquaculture model in Costa Rica, bringing economic development to coastal areas, protecting the environment and enhancing the enormous marine wealth that Costa Ricans have,” said Daniel Carrasco, INCOPESCA’s executive president

    Plan contemplates strengthening actions against illegal fishing

    The project “Sustainable Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Costa Rica” would be developed through components such as: investment in value chains to carry out this activity in a sustainable way; strengthening mechanisms for social and environmental sustainability of fisheries, and project management, monitoring and communication.

    Under these criteria, it is estimated to invest in the construction of fishing terminals in Puntarenas, Guanacaste (Cuajiniquil) and Limón (Cieneguita), and of processing plants in Playas del Coco, Guápiles and Los Santos.

    It also seeks to strengthen actions against illegal fishing through the National Coast Guard Service, as well as to promote existing models that have the same purpose, for example the Marine Areas of Responsible Fishing, the National Plan of Action for the Fishing of Large Pelagic, among others.

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