Tico film producer “Hands of Stone” Duran wants to bring Robert De Niro to movie premiere in country

The production team of the film Hands of Stone tells the life of legendary boxer Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran, and they are figuring out the dates for the commercial release of the film in the United States, Canada, Panama and the rest of Central America.

“In Canada, Panama and the US It will be released the same day. And one or two weeks later it will premiere in Central America,” said Jay Weisleder, the Costa Rican who gave life to the project.

Weisleder wants to bring Robert De Niro and other movie stars to the premiere in the country with the idea of promoting the interest of the private industry in film productions.

“It’s like when we learned that there was a tico who was an astronaut and many people wanted to study science,” he said

Weisleder recently projected Hands of Stone at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.The movie was projected in a special way because the festival paid tribute to the life of Robert De Niro for his cinematographic career and they managed to project it in an almost unprecedented way.

“It was super special, it has never happened, and it was super special,” he says with a proud tone.

“It’s a feeling, an adrenaline I had never felt before. It is the moment in which one says, here is all the work you’ve done, no matter what happens later. That was the feeling.”

Birth of a rock

Weisleder, who was inspired by the film of the life of Ray Charles played by Jamie Foxx, says that every film project is unique and different and how to raise the funds for each varies depending on the subject. “There is no one way of making films.”

Hands of Stone raised $23 million and the first major investment was the Panamanian Government, which thanks to the cinema law and tax incentives the country channel caretaker invested $3 million.

Starting from that moment private investors felt safe to spend resources on something that was going to be great for the country. “Then each project has its way, but it is not easy because many people are behind the same money.”

Source: AmeliaRueda.com

VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
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