Puerto Rican artist combines contemporary skate art with the MADC

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    Skate in a museum? Although it seems unlikely, the Puerto Rican artist Chemi Rosado Seijo has managed to link contemporary art with the world of skateboarding. This has been done since 2000 and now it will in Room 1 of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC) with its exhibition “Number 03-16 (A.FANAL)” as part of the “History on Wheels” series, which establishes a parallel between the history of contemporary art and the history of skateboarding.

    The exhibition, which opens next Thursday, June 9th at 7 p.m., reflects the body of work of Rosado Seijo, who through interventions in the field, creation of ramps, paths and sculptures, has addressed the recurring theme of the correspondence between art and skateboarding.

    In that sense the ramps play a key role.  He has constructed them in Puerto Rico, the United States and now in Costa Rica. The weapon with users and their exposure in the MADC is no exception. “For the museum it is a challenge, both at the technical, museographic and curatorial level since this type of work is quite unusual, but has an enriching experience that will have an impact beyond the exhibition,” said the curator of the sample, Daniel Soto Morúa.

    In fact, the ramp will open in Room 1 MADC as the centerpiece of the exhibition and also as the largest one that the artist has ever made. At a total of 16 meters long, 8.50 wide and 3 meters at its highest point, it may be used by anyone who comes to the museum. “Whoever comes to MADC with a skateboard or skates may enter for free, but must sign a form. The idea is that many people, especially the guild skate, visit the exhibition and be part of the work. It is a large sculpture that comes to life and increases in significance as people use it and skate on it,” explained the curator.

    “This is a project that has had two years in the making and is finally now consolidated within the framework of inter-agency collaboration with the Parque La Libertad. This action strengthens the projection of the contents generated by the guest artist, which will impact the various public parks later. One of the main objectives is to open the doors of the museum to new visitors and make it accessible to share with them, and receive ideas of alternative and new proposals for the institution” said the director of MADC, Fiorella Resenterra.

    Skate for social transformation

    A key element in the work of Rosado-Seijo is precisely that his work transcends the exhibition and has a social link that generates community.

    So it is precisely the ramp that will be displayed in the MADC and will then be transferred to the Parque La Libertad, San Jose Desamparados, to expand the use by the people for this sport.

    “My work consists of community interventions linked to the place where they have developed. Especially, it reflects my interest in the social community of art and collaborations, juxtaposing the architecture with the urban scenery, the art with the social action and the art with its history” the artist details. For him, the importance of the interventions comes out the objetual and creates a tie between the persons with its projects.

    Meanwhile, it also serves an important role for a community that frequents the park and can take advantage of this opportunity. “In the Parque La Libertad we have a  Skate school working through the Evalutile methodology, focused on the practice of this sport through value-based education, for positive use of leisure time and the development of skills such as working with equipment, self-determination and self-confidence,” said Dora Sequeira, executive director of Parque La Libertad. “The development of this work and exhibition is an important step forward in dignifying this sport,” said Sequeira.


    Curated by Daniel Soto Morua.

    Opening: Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

    Room 1 Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC).

    Open to the public until August 2016.

    MADC Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mon exclusive groups for guided tours and workshops by appointment entry: Tuesday admission free).

    Source: Noticias Parque La Libertad

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