Three Tico Teenagers Lead a Project that Benefits Vulnerable Women

    They created the "Empower her" initiative that brings sanitary pads to women who live in foundations and support centers

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    At 17 years of age, Pía Hernández, Nina Masís and Valentina Sosto created an innovative project that aims to empower and benefit vulnerable women in Costa Rica. The three friends identified the need for sanitary towels many women face in this time of Pandemic, which is why they created “Empodérala”(Empower her). This initiative supplies this resource to those who have been most affected economically, who live in foundations and also in support centers.

    Women supporting women

    “As a result of the Pandemic, we joined as friends to brainstorm ideas on how to contribute to the country. There were several proposals but we agreed that sanitary towels represent an expense, that’s why we thought of ourselves and that’s where our motto came from: women supporting women,” Hernández explained.

    Project already has 721 women benefited

    On July 30th of last year the project began supporting 168 women and through donations from different national companies, today there are 721 beneficiaries. The young women had a first contact with the Fundación Lloverá Comida and later they gave help to organizations such as Posada de Belén and Renacer. In addition, they have contributed with shelters in Alajuela, Alajuelita, San José centro, Tres Ríos, among others.

    Likewise, they are sponsored by the Kimberly Clark company, which has provided advice and training to adequately develop this social project. “Empodérala” has already made more alliances for this year with organizations such as: Provisión de Dios, Casa de Paz Alajuela, Hogar Crea, Fundación Génesis, HSA Desamparados, Casa de Paz Heredia and Asafluz.
    Those who wish to join the cause with donations, can write to the email: [email protected].

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