These Are the 10 Cities in Latin America with the Best Quality of Life

The quality of life is determined by many factors, from access to public transportation to the availability of housing, international schools, and the cultural scene in each city.

Even though Latin America is one of the regions with the most contrasts and problems on the entire planet, its culture, its natural landscapes, and its unmatched charisma make its cities world-renowned tourist centers.

Mobility, access to education, good public services, political and economic environment, socio-cultural status, and availability of food, medical services, and the real estate market are some of the categories to take into account when measuring the quality of life of each city.

These are the 10 cities in Latin America with the best quality of life

10. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is the most important economic point of Puerto Rico, it is the capital of the country, the main port, and the place with the highest rate of tourism, known as the city of slabs. According to the consulting company, Mercer, San Juan is one of the cities in the region that most provides comfort to its citizens; In recent years, the city has managed to be included in the first ten spots of the Latin American ranking.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina stands out in education, culture, environment, and infrastructure, remaining in the ranking of the best cities to live in Latin America, made by The Economist. Buenos Aires has to improve the part of security, crimes, and robberies, which is not something only in the city, but a problem in the region.

8. Quito, Ecuador

Quito was the first city declared Cultural Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Its modern infrastructure and road projects are some of the most outstanding factors, as they comply to have sustainable, agile, and safe mobility, which prioritizes pedestrians and public transport.

The coverage of basic services is another parameter that stands out in the capital of Ecuador that, together with social projects, contributes to the quality of life of the people of Quito.

7. Santiago de Chile, Chile

The capital of Chile is the largest city in the country and according to the consulting company, Chile stands out thanks to universal access to education, good health services, and access universal health services. In 2019 it was classified as the most competitive country in Latin America.

6. San José, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered the Central American country with the best human development index and the most consolidated democratic system. San José, the capital of Costa Rica, has a flourishing lifestyle for its inhabitants, especially those looking to invest in business. It has neighborhoods and suburbs perfect for investing in real estate. Private healthcare is high quality and has several modern hospitals and medical clinics.

The educational level of Costa Rica is high. Its public system is one of the best and it is also home to high-quality international universities.

5. Asuncion, Paraguay

Asunción continues to be a favorite of tourist and foreign immigrants and one of the best cities to live in Latin America. The cosmopolitan city with ultra-modern buildings has major brand dealerships, an active nightlife, and an excellent public transport system.

4. Brasilia, Brazil

Brasilia is known as the safest city in Brazil, the capital was built in an area that previously had very little population or industry before the 1950s, and it was chosen in a central location that planners hoped would create a country more unified.

3 Panama, Panama

The Panamanian capital presents opportunities for personal safety and the advantages it offers compared to other cities are public transport thanks to the subway, access to information channels on new communication and information technologies, and business opportunities.

2.Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City (CDMX) offers a better standard of living to its inhabitants who enjoy greater access to health services, education, public safety, and open spaces.

1.Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay is a leader in the area of ​​human rights throughout the region, the capital continues to be the city with the highest quality of life in Latin America. Uruguay is recognized globally for its openness to immigration, not only do foreigners choose it for its outstanding characteristics, but because they are received in the country without discrimination and with increasingly responsive policies.

Montevideo stands out in Latin America for being egalitarian, a leader in social inclusion, and for its high degree of vanguardism, within a country that ranks in the region as one of the main in terms of reliability.

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