“The Tree House”: a Unique Place that Offers Convenience and Comfort in Costa Rica

    The project contains among its attractions a 100% functional butterfly farm

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    A place of adventure where nature, convenience and comfort reign and that also has our country as the main actor, it is undoubtedly a dream place. Join me through these lines to discover what Costa Rica has for you.

    Costa Rica is a country blessed on all four sides; In this land of grace you will get different contrasts where nature is at the forefront. That is why we present below the best of its dense assets.

    Although it is true, thousands of lines have been written dedicated to the beauty of our country. There are still many natural attractions with unique and collectible options that you do not know, so in the following material between investigations and interviews with their own protagonists we want them to be discovered since many of these destinations invite you to explore them from beginning to end. .

     From Jaco to the world

    A “Tree House”, which looks like something out of a fairy tale, is the tourist option of the moment. That is why the reporter team of The Costa Rica News (TCRN) had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Daniel Hazelton, the founder of the attraction to learn a little more about this great project.

     According to the voice of its own founder, the project is of Balinese inspiration, he used wood of local origin for its construction. In addition, to contrast this project, the work also has some pieces of carved wood collected while Hazelton was exploring countries like Thailand and Indonesian.

    The project combines flora and fauna and for more demanding tastes after visiting this beautiful place, you can continue to contrast their adventure by combining it with a walk and a subsequent dip in Hermosa beach and Jaco beach, due to the proximity to both destinations. In the project, founded about a year and a half ago, the tourist-visitor has open access to the space that includes the river (Rio Seco), the butterfly garden and the famous fruit orchard, which has around 70 fruit trees to its credit for the enjoyment of all and where exotic fruits such as jackfruit and different types of mango and chinese mamon stand out.

    Option filled with emotion

    One of the options offered by this great project is a butterfly farm where the visitor can also learn a little about the life and evolution of the different types of butterflies found there. Within this unique proposal for a butterfly farm there are also some ideal plants such as Asclepios Curassavica, silver where the “monarch” butterfly places its larvae in order to reproduce its species.

    As if that were not enough, in the surroundings of this magical place you can also find artesian art such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings inspired by butterflies, imitating their appearance and colors. As a curious fact, some of these crafts contain parts of the original skeletons of butterflies, they are obtained from butterflies that have died naturally.

    Daniel’s dream

    Daniel Hazelton is not a native of Costa Rica, but of the United States, he himself is emphatic in noting that as soon as he stepped on this land he fell in love with the country. By its nature and the kindness of its people. He sees here the essence of the beautiful pacific as he affectionately refers to this part of the planet.

    In the same way, it is appropriate to mention that in this place, as in the territory that includes Costa Rica, all the security measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) are being carried out in order to avoid new sources of derived contagion of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Finally the invitation is made, the decision is yours, so that on your next adventure trip dare to discover the benefits that this magical place offers.

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