The Rise of Co-working and Telecommuting in Costa Rica

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    For some time now, at TCRN we have been emphasizing the exercise of Co-working or Teleworking, the new mechanisms that have emerged and the stages that have occurred in times of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Well the experts say it, “we humans want to socialize again, but telecommuting will basically stay the same.”

    The innovation and new business models consultant Carlos Glatt, has been emphatic in the reflections of what the next few years will be like, the new ways of working and new businesses that an innovation and new business models consultant does.

    Greater adaptation

    People will continue to work online from home, increasingly adapted and with different meetings every month to socialize and connect. Multiple spaces for large digital meetings will be created with all solutions resolved.

    Therefore, it is expected that the offices will close at a very high percentage and that backward model is taken up by disruptive technologies. Every day digital assistants will be noticed more to work efficiently. This is for every country in the world, especially Costa Rica.

    And the use of hotels?

    Work hotels will disappear by 50%. The return from trips, congresses or work meetings as before, will be seen very disperse, since it can be done online. There is a very significant example in Costa Rica, where hotels show the Ticos, breadth in their social networks and, therefore, on their web pages.

    The experts were emphatic when referring to tourism for entertainment in this 2.021, strengthened and accompanied by a lot of technology in its operation, from the purchase, the operation and the experiences to be received. -People appreciate more than ever visiting the natural but with highly technological solutions.

    Tech home

    The houses become more technological and adapted to daily work. Many companies will be dedicated to solving the needs of working from home. In the case of Costa Rica and the world, people are working online, many of them yearn to do it in totally unique spaces, full of nature, with an environment of rest and meditation, an experience that has been successful in all this time.

    Today, productivity no longer depends on a boss constantly reviewing what you do and what not, now it is through platforms that help you measure results and efficient times. Through the new work mechanisms, the way of hiring staff must be rethought. Hiring the best in the world today is easier, cheaper and more efficient. There will be no difference between hiring local and foreign personnel. Today we are all global.

    Companies require more investment

    Companies that do not invest at least 10% in new technologies will disappear. With limited resources, companies require more certainty and better investments.

    Artificial Intelligence in sight

    The workforce will be dramatically reduced and many simple operations will be given to the A.I. By 2024, Artificial Intelligence will already handle complicated operations in millions of places. But mainstream adoption begins in 2021. And education will not return the same. It becomes continues inperson but technologically adaptive.

    Health and progress

    The medical system adapted to the digital; a teleconference medical appointment will be normal. People will continue with rapid COVID19 tests throughout the year to feel safe. The vaccine will accelerate more, but it will find great challenges along the way. Large hospitals are rethinking their operation due to the economic crises they have suffered due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    And the environment?

    Climate change will be a very talked about and supported topic in this 2.021. Large industries will continue in the transformation and Artificial Intelligence will be used, to understand and operate everything better. The adoption of bicycles as the main transport will continue to grow thanks to the transformation of cities. We will move from the Covid issue to Climate Change as the main issue in a natural way.

    An opportunity for global union to help and transform

    The world is in a new beginning, where people must rethink their personal, health, economic and spiritual goals. New opportunities where the values must be more real. Innovation, technology and the natural are part of the reality that is looming. Continue doing the same without rethinking, is going straight to failure.

    When we talk about reconsidering, it is necessary to mention that a large number of countries that have been intensely into Co-working (Teleworking). Taking into account the global survey carried out by the American consultancy Gartner, which revealed: -More than 80% of 127 company leaders were willing to allow part-time remote work even when it is safe to return to the office-.

    It turns out that in Lisbon, Colombia, Bali, the United States and other countries, remote workers have applied to obtain the new visas for -digital nomads-. There are still specialists, analyzing whether these programs produce a notable economic benefit, the number of people willing to apply and therefore, companies or organizations with the motivation to invest in the world grows, mainly in Costa Rica.

    Relocate to beach work remote
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