The Problem of Double Collection for the VAT in Uber Eats Has Already Been Solved in Costa Rica

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    The drawbacks in terms of double VAT charging at Uber Eats should have already been left behind, specifically since last Friday. And it is that that day the Resolution of the Tax Administration was published in La Gaceta, where, in the list of services and providers on which the perception of VAT on cross-border digital services should be included, they are included, instead of “UBER ”, The terms “UBER * TRIP” and “UBER TRIP”.

    This since, previously, only the term “UBER” was included in the list, so any transaction that included that word was being charged VAT, even in cases like Uber Eats.

    In December of the previous year, users reported an additional collection of 13% of the tribute when they order at Uber Eats, although the restaurant or food place had already charged them the tax, triggering a series of differences between Uber Eats and Taxation.

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