The Presidents of Liberia and Laura Chinchilla Meet to Strengthen Ties

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    President of Liberia and 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Ellen Johnson-SirleafThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The president of Liberia and 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, met yesterday in San Jose Costa Rica, with President Laura Chinchilla, as part of the official visit by the African leader with the aim of strengthening bilateral ties with Costa Rica and to promote peace.

    Johnson-Sirleaf arrived in San Jose on Sunday and Monday met with Chinchilla and Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo, at the Museum of Costa Rican Art.

    After the meeting, the president of Liberia gave a press statement in which she said that her country has a lot to learn from Costa Rica, especially in environmental issues, but she found many similarities between the two nations.

    “I am impressed by the peace and the high standards of education in this country, but I see we have important similarities. We are nations with small populations and many common challenges,” she said.

    Johnson-Sirleaf recalled that Costa Rica and Liberia have bilateral relations since the early seventies of last century, but expressed interest in projects strengthened through cooperation and working together on the issue of peace and empowerment of women.

    “Both countries have at this time its first woman president. We can work and clarify a roadmap to improve cooperation to promote peace and spaces for women, both in Latin America and Africa,” she said.

    Meanwhile, Chinchilla said that for her country it is a “honor” to have the presence of a figure of the stature of Johnson-Sirleaf, especially since this is her first visit to Central America.

    Chinchilla welcomed the visit of the Liberian and said her recognition as Nobel Peace is more than deserved for his work on behalf of social causes.

    Prior to the interview with Chinchilla, Johnson-Sirleaf visited the campus of the University for Peace, on the outskirts of San Jose, where she gave a speech to students and was the subject of a tribute that included the presentation of a bust in her honor.

    The African leader will return home on Tuesday.

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