The Madrid Metro Opens its Doors to New Passengers: Dogs

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    Leashed and with a muzzle, properly identified and in the back cart; Although there are certain restrictions, dogs can now ride the train in Madrid, the same way their canine friends in other European cities now can. The measurement was put into place this past Wednesday by The Community of Madrid and allows commuters to ride the train accompanied by their canine companions. They can ride one per passenger and free of charge.

    However, once inside the complicated Madrid Metro network you have to work. It doesn’t matter who’s more exhausted between the dogs and their owners. Law makers cited security reasons when declaring that the dogs could not use escalators or any type of automatic stairs.

    The motion was celebrated by different canine associations throughout Madrid, in which there are close to 275,000 dogs. In other European cities including Barcelona the method was adopted in 2014.

    Authorities have assured that the implied limitations make the new law safe and respectable to all parties riding the train. Breaking these limitations can result in fines of up to 200 euros.

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