The longest overpass in the country begins to take shape with the placement of 140 beams that allow observing the magnitude of the work that is erected in the North Beltway.

The work schedule progresses according to plan and according to the engineers 700 linear meters of beams are already placed. This can be seen by drivers who travel daily near roads to the work.

Another sight of the works which are part of the North Beltway project

In total, 321 beams must be placed that represent the element of the overpass that will sustain the future slab that the cars will cross.

To place these linear structures, large cranes that are capable of lifting up to 200 tons are being used. It also uses a latest technology machine called “launcher” that was acquired by those responsible for the work.

In addition, there is a record of placement of the so-called “hammers”, elements that support the beams. In this case, 77 of the necessary 81 have been located.

The overpass that is built will be 2.2 kilometers and is part of the North Beltway, a road that will come to connect the sector of the Uruca with Calle Blancos.

The first construction works for this project began in September 2017 and although it is still pending, to begin with, the works of the 5th stage (from Route 32 to Calle Blancos), the authorities expect that all work will be completed in 2022.

In terms of budget, the total cost of the work exceeds US$ 230 million.