The increase in online gaming in Latin America

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    With a population of more than half a billion people combined, it is no surprise that the Latin American online gaming industry is the next point of focus for many in the iGaming scene.

    In the not too distant past, governments in Latin America only allowed out of date laws on the gambling front.  That is changing now as some of them, like Mexico, are beginning to change gambling laws to counter corruption and generate some revenue for the national budget. Since the new change in Mexico for instance, more gaming operators have moved their operations into the Mexican city.

    On the Brazilian front, the change has been a lot slower to come. The crumbling economy has led to new gambling bills however as the government tries to bring in new foreign operators into the Brazilian gaming market.

    Situation in Costa Rica

    The population in Costa Rica, like most of South America is mobile savvy so some of the gambling market participants are constantly looking for new partnerships that will allow them to cater for them appropriately. It is for this reason that Casino operators have gaming portals like those for online bingo covered here on

    Mobile gaming and online bingo will kick on in Costa Rica over the coming years and this is not a surprise.  With the exception of Blackjack, most forms of gambling are legal in Costa Rica. The already present casino and gaming culture have made it easier for mobile gaming companies to attract new players of varying demographics. The national lottery is still the most popular gaming activity in Costa Rica but experts believe it is only a matter of time before online and mobile gaming catches on.

    The coming months are vital for land-based gambling in Costa Rica and Latin America.   Some major conferences have already taken place in the region to drive the cause of the gaming sector.  The conferences were targeted at helping the big players to see why they should embrace a market of over 600 million people in 27 countries. As the year winds down, therefore, more companies will see the attraction and come into the market based on these facts.

    Gaming Software Companies

    Apart from standard gaming companies, international gaming software developers are not missing out on the South American market. Some of them have already made plans to move into Central and South America to better serve local operators.  Some of the companies already have games designed with the South American market as a target, pointing to a blossoming relationship between all parties.

    The future looks very bright for continued growth

    As the year winds down, the future of the Latin American online gambling industry looks very intriguing for everyone involved especially if events in Mexico are anything to go by. The current shaky infrastructure is expected to give way soon as better foundations are put in place by the governments all across Latin America. They can no longer overlook the job creation potentials and the positive impact on the budget. It is for this reason that experts believe that proper legalization of gambling in Latin America is not far away.

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