The Fifth Annual Perrocross Run Brings Out Over 300 Dogs and Dog Lovers

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    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – For the fifth time, the Perrocross competition drew more than 300 dogs and their owners (and owners for the day) for a race that was held at the Campemento Oikoumene in Ochomogo of Carthage.

    Competitors toured around pastures, forests and streams in all categories: 2, 4 and 8 miles.

    Three other runners participated in the Endurance category, which had no predetermined finish length and was won by Alexander Alvarado and his dog, Togo.

    Why were some dogs only with their “owners for the day”? Because competitors can “rent” stray dogs or shelter dogs from Zaguates Territory, a recipient organization of this activity.

    “The race was a success, especially because it allows any person and dog, regardless of age or race to participate,” said Alvaro Saenz, director of the competition.

    First places of the 4 kilometer run were Marlon Molina and her dog, Mia.

    Gabriela Herra and Figo were the champions of the expert category, followed by Veronica Campos and Canela.

    Third place went to Ingrid Meza and her dog, Arick.the

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