The “Ethos” of a Higher State for Mankind

Life Needs A Planetary Culture

The evolution of mankind has been determined over time and based on scientific studies. We are beings composed of the biological but also made by a social content. Moreover, humans are social animals. And beyond that, men are “natural”, that is part of nature. As such constituted by a set of non-artificial elements that exist in the universe, regulated by physical, chemical, and biological laws. Likewise, we could define by nature, the way an individual’s being is determined, that is, the set of particular characters or properties that condition him or her as a specific entity. We will take the first concept for our purposes. See nature as the set of material forms determined by the physical, biological and chemical controlled by laws that define it.

Man, in his condition, is free to act according to his needs. From its history, it has been replacing its strength, the corporal resistance and it has used the brain of greater intellectual capacity, in such a way, that the body has been transformed according to its brain development in a necessary that from the beginning of our species has had to fight against the conditions that surrounded him and thus survive.

Evolution of man according to his needs

The modern human with a much more evolved brain has as a principle the ability that allows him to depend not on instincts and natural needs, but thanks to his will, he can even be able to sacrifice his own life. The very fact of starting from a cultural process, man has believed that his intelligence forces him and drives him to dominate the environment, called nature or cosmos. The same intelligence, reason for the difference of man with the living rest, has resulted in the evolved use of technology and science as the foundation of economic, military, etc. development. But the action of the use of nature for the material production of things, correcting the needs, has resulted in a system where competition is the foundation and the model. The excess of competition has permeated the values and the spiritual that is carried out in humans, a fact that tilts the balance towards the abuse of the natural. Now man faces for that reason the ghost of his own extinction.

Destroying nature by waiting only for the pleasure of consumption, not respecting its wealth, dynamism and its own laws that limit it, is equivalent to not respecting the conditions to live on it and in it. Let us bear in mind, for example, natures vulnerability to the action of technology, in its progress to be increasingly efficient and exploitative. All this technical-scientific effort to exploit the environment, has caused it to degrade: pollution, water scarcity, ultraviolet rays, deforestation, logging, burning, desertification of forests, etc.. All this places man as the main factor of the cause and effect of what surrounds him, which means that given the magnitude of the damage caused and what is being caused, any ethical or moral mechanism induced or created by man has to be revised and has to be renewed, investigated, regulated with new ideas, if it is man´s desire to continue walking on the face of the Earth.

Within the process earth’s transformation in millions of years, man has broken in as an element of the process that makes and modifies the material conditions of nature. But the desire to possess driven by competition under an ideological sign has made him the true enemy of Mother Earth. It seems that the ethos of the creature called man is destruction. The ethos is the character that affirms its condition within a context. Ethics as a term derived from ethos and as a focal point of the problem of good and evil and being convinced of the difference between good and bad, so we would deduct ethically our actions.

To do this, human experience has been recorded over the centuries for different periods: first, to be governed by natural laws because that was the way in which the force and resistance were what prevailed in the humanoid ethos; in the second instance, the need to adapt the body to the elements allowed the prodigy to reformulate the organ that would guide him later, as the brain has done. From there, motor, manual and behavioral skills are evolved, which makes the intelligence that stimulates the process by which man crystallized into human: socialization. This process is based on what the human ethos develops, as the primordial factor of what authorized the change towards Homo sapiens.

The cultural manifested in the development of languages, in the use of materials with their implicit techniques, and in the evolution of aesthetic work, led man to consider the submission of nature to his designs. The competition and desire to possess with a sense of wealth what surrounds it leaves the natural vulnerable to human anxieties. Today after hundreds of years of exploitation of the human condition and the environment as a sustaining factor of life, man faces the most dangerous and difficult crisis, which means the certain possibility of the destruction of all living things. Excessive consumption, militarization on the rise, loss of values, pollution, mismatch in general, not only means the potential destruction of all living things, but also the need to establish new universal rules that must be considered in the control of man’s action.

That compromises all forms of thought and knowledge that guarantee the stay of the living beings on the face of the earth. We live in a society in total decadence, but with problems that undermine the little level of consciousness that is counted to counteract the damage that is being done to the environment, as a warning prior to the destruction of the land if you do not truly believe a conservative conscience that stands for a future planetary culture.

This culture that may be in an incipient beginning as based perhaps on the metacognitive interrelation of the dialogue in which it is presumed that it will be, a culture more alert to higher manifestations of the senses than ours. Everything related to the movement of the body such as dance, body language, dreams as psychic expression, fantasy, and myth, will be some of the expressions that will make us understand how to correctly live in this world, as part of the holistic science. In a certain way, we will turn to the archaic sciences in order to get closer to nature, creating legitimate and crucial forms of knowledge in which we will rely on the cultivation of psychic faculties such as extrasensory perception, psychometry and psychokinesis, and in something a little less mysterious like reading the aura and healing.

The latter will tend to carry out with greater emphasis the medical practices, towards popular and natural forms of healing, tending to the elimination of the use of drugs and chemical manipulation. The beautiful thing of the matter is ventilated in that the man of the future if he develops a state of balanced conscience, to unite or to fuse the ecological with the psychological, with the tendency to the achievement of the mental, somatic and spiritual equilibrium, and therefore true “Wisdom” that will spread hopefully to all the inhabitants of this planet.

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SOURCEDavid Rivas H.
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