The 6 most spectacular geysers in the world

When we talk about the wonders of nature, it is almost inevitable to talk about the spectacular Geysers.

Nature arrived long before us and perhaps, for this reason, continues to surprise us every day. It is true that many times his virulence is too much and that on occasion he has not given displeasure, but generally, he gives us beautiful shows that hypnotize us and that reminds us how lucky we are to live in such a special and magical environment as It is the planet earth.

Some natural phenomena are still a mystery to many of us that only some lucky people have been able to contemplate in person, and yet they are admirers in every corner of the globe. One of these cases is undoubtedly that of the geysers. Defined as hot springs that periodically emit a column of hot water and steam in the air have become one of the most persecuted natural spectacles by man and is that they can leave at least impressionable speechless.

Being such a special phenomenon we could say that all of them are amazing, but we have decided to highlight some that we consider being even more spectacular than the rest.

How the Geysers merge

The activity of geysers, like any activity of thermal source, is caused by contact between surface water and rocks heated by magma located underground. Geothermally heated water returns to the surface by convection through rocks and fractures.

It is not so easy to find them there is only one thousand in the whole planet, of which almost half are located in the Yellowstone National Park, in the United States, but it is not the only place in the world where you can see these wonderful formations

Haukadalur, Iceland

The word Geiser comes from the word geyser which means sprouting or arising in Icelandic. This is what the Vikings called it when they saw the oldest known geyser in the world. The Geyser located in the Haukadalur valley which is part of the Golden circle. Geyser has no activity today however; you can see multiple small Geysers around them among them the Strokkur, with jets of water expelled more than 20 meters high every five or ten minutes. A whole show.

Geysers of Tatio, Chile

El Tatio is a famous geyser field located in the Andes mountain range, north of Chile, at an altitude of 4,300 meters. It is also the largest in the southern hemisphere and the third-largest in the world. The steam columns do not exceed the altitude meter, but the show is fascinating, especially because of the cold at that altitude, there is also a network of hot springs that allow taking place in a privileged environment.

Yellowstone Park, United States

Yellowstone Park is located on the caldera of an ancient and gigantic volcano. The park is home to around 50% of all hot springs and active geysers in the world. Among them, the famous OldFaithful that launches a jet at 40 meters high every two hours and the largest, the Steamboat, with jets of 91 meters that can last between 3 and 40 minutes without any regularity time. But in the park in addition to geysers, you can find hot springs of colorful fumaroles and mud pool.

Whakarewarewa Te Valley, New Zealand

New Zealand is the result of the volcanic activity of the belt of fire that surrounds the Pacific Ocean, Whakarewarewa Valley Te is a region of great geothermal activity, near Rotorua, where you can see about 60 chimneys, seven of them still active. The Pohutu is the star geyser with a 30-meter jet that appears every hour; the area is also one of the main centers of Maori culture.

Morning sun, Bolivia

Tomorrow’s sun is a desert area of ​​approximately two square kilometers, located south of Bolivia, in the department of Potosí at 4850 meters above sea level that is characterized by intense volcanic activity. It is called that because it is precisely that time of day when there is a more important difference between the cold outside air and the hot indoor steam that together with the morning sunlight, offers a fascinating spectacle. The whole area is full of craters of all sizes and in all; you can see the lava and steam jets that can reach up to 50 meters. The place must be visited with a guide authorized by the danger of boiling volcanic lava.

Kanketsusen, Japan

Geysers in Japan are rare, but in the small town of Shikabe located on the Oshima peninsula at the southern tip of Hokkaido, there is one. The town has hot springs that are at a temperature in 50 and 90C and by chance, a geyser was discovered while digging to build a hot spring.

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