TCRN Appoints Medical/Dental Correspondent, Introduces New Column

The Dental Tourism Expert

The Costa Rica News has appointed Johns Hopkins M.B.A. and well-known medical and dental tourism expert Howard Siegler as its Medical Correspondent.  Management said: “We are pleased to have Siegler as a contributor at TCRN and look forward to publishing his new column – The Dental Tourism Expert.”

As a veteran dental tourist, advocate, and dental professional, Siegler understands the medical and dental tourism industry better than most.  Management said: “We wanted someone with credibility, demonstrated experience, and a strong familiarity with the medical/dental tourism marketplace.  Siegler fit that bill perfectly and we believe he can bring a new perspective to an increasingly important sector of the market.”

Dental Tourism

We chose The Dental Tourism Expert as a moniker for his column.  We believe that is fitting as he seems to know more about dental tourism than anyone else we could identify in the field.  He arrived in Costa Rica more than a decade ago as a dental tourist when dental tourism was a fledgling industry.  Subsequently, Siegler worked as a Patient Coordinator, a General Manager, and as a Director of Patient Relations at dental clinics which have since become world-renowned.  Over the past five years, Siegler served as an Advisor to thousands of prospective dental tourists, and as a Consultant to clinic owners who desired to enter the market as providers.

His education, training, and experience earned Siegler notoriety as an expert in medical and dental tourism; and his volunteer work as an International Dental Ambassador, most notably his Relief Mission to Nepal, has increased his recognition as a Leader in the field.  Siegler said: “As I continue with my professional responsibilities within the clinical marketplace, I very much look forward to working with the Management, Staff and other writers and contributors at TCRN to keep The Costa Rica News the most trusted name in News and Information in Costa Rica.”

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