Tamarindo: Simple Living with Modern Amenities

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    Over the years, the small, quiet fishing town of Tamarindo has evolved into a major destination for backpackers, surfers, and expats from all over the world. As the town continues to develop into a hotspot for international travelers, Tamarindo has continued to maintain its ties to Costa Rican culture while truly becoming a metropolitan global melting pot. With 5-star restaurants, casinos, luxury spas, world-class entertainment, gorgeous beaches and endless activities, it’s no wonder Tamarindo is the place to be in Costa Rica.

    Tamarindo is constantly improving, making it an even more popular destination for retirees, entrepreneurs, and those looking for a new and exciting place to call home. The region offers a wealth of activities for all types of people and families. Some of the best surfing spots in all of Costa Rica can be found along the beaches of Tamarindo and the surrounding area. Stand-up paddle boarding is the newest sport to hit the scene, growing in popularity every day. Other water activities such as snorkeling tours, scuba diving certification courses, and sport fishing trips are available in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean as well. For those looking to dry out for a few days, Tamarindo is proud to announce their new miniature golf course, Bolas Locas. This beautiful 18-hole miniature golf course is fun for the whole family, and is a great and affordable way to spend an afternoon, with admission for adults at just $7 and children under 10 at $5. The kids can also have fun shredding some pavement at Tamarindo’s Oneida Skate Park. The park is small, but admission is free and it’s a great way for the kids to get active away from the water.

    If you’re looking to leave the kids at home and enjoy some adult-only entertainment, pop on over the newly rebuilt casino at Hotel Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort. The casino features Blackjack, 5-card Stud Poker, and No Limit Texas Hold’em, as well as forty-eight slot machines. Attached to the casino are a bar and restaurant featuring delicious cuisine and cocktails. The Diria Casino is open from 5pm to 1am every night and accepts both Costa Rican Colones and U.S. Dollars. Other nighttime activities in Tamarindo range from techno-thumping night clubs open until the wee hours, to bingo nights for the entire family, to open mic nights every Wednesday at the Hotel Pasatiempo, offering up plenty of ways to spend an evening in Tamarindo.

    But it’s not just the entertainment side of Tamarindo that is getting a makeover. The Municipality of Tamarindo has just paved one of the main roads in town, installing sidewalks in front of many of the area’s businesses and restaurants. A long-awaited project of paving the road between Tamarindo and the town of Langosta is also underway. Banco Nacional, one of Costa Rica’s main banks, is currently constructing a new location in Tamarindo that will feature drive-thru banking options. And, another exciting development for this up-and-coming Costa Rican town is the new recycling program with collection bins and signage around town, helping to ensure that as the area continues to grow and develop, while doing so in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner.

    New housing developments and residential projects are continuing to appear in Tamarindo and the surrounding area, providing those who wish to relocate to Tamarindo with many affordable options for beachfront living. One such development, Punta Playa Vistas, was recently featured on the Home and Garden Network’s popular show, House Hunters International, drawing even more attention to this quaint corner of the world. Punta Playa Vistas is an eco-conscious, residential community located near Tamarindo offering luxury condominiums and home sites with sweeping ocean views for an affordable price.

    Tamarindo is truly a unique place to live, with constant improvements taking place each day. But despite the continued growth and development it has managed to retain its laid back vibe characteristic to the region, giving residents the best of both worlds: simple living with modern amenities. Come experience all the new and exciting changes taking place in Tamarindo.

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