Taking Care of Your Ears: a Health Aspect Sometimes Overlooked

The skin of the ears requires specific care

Caring for your ears is one of the most forgotten habits in daily hygiene. Although the ear canal has a system of ‘self-cleaning’ it is necessary to take care of the external area, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to avoid harmful consequences for health.

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On numerous occasions, we have explained how the use of cotton swabs to extract the earwax is counterproductive to the ears. Besides, these can cause perforation of the eardrum, its continuous use as a cleaning instrument can cause peeling of the skin due to the friction of the cotton.

Ideally, use a lightly damp towel to remove excess dirt from the inner and outer side of the cartilage of the ear from time to time. It should be noted that regular showers already fulfills this function. Therefore, deep cleaning of an area that is not normally exposed to dirt and that does not have sweat glands is not necessary.

The ears should also be hydrated with a suitable cream. This is the best way to prevent the epidermis from external aggressions such as pollution. The most suitable products for this area are those used on the face that has more nutritious components, unlike body creams whose content is more diluted.

Protection of the ears against the Sun.

The sun’s rays are another of the most harmful external agents for the skin of the ears. As on the face, it is advisable to use protection factors daily. In cases where we are going to expose ourselves directly to the sun for a prolonged time, this should be done with priority since the ears are one of the areas that can sunburn more easily. To prevent this risk, it is preferable to wear a hat that protects this area.

In cases where the ear is perforated, especially in the cartilage area, special care should be special to avoid infections, not only in the days after the perforation; the infection can also come from the dirt that is introduced through the perforation. Disinfecting them every time earrings are used is the best way to avoid this risk.

The auditory perception of an adult depends very much on the care given to the ear organ during childhood. The tissues that make up the ear canals are fragile, ear doctors

(Specialist in otolaryngology), who at the frequent question of how should we clean our ears answer: “with the elbows”, and then explain, only the ear should be cleaned, that is, the external part, and very carefully. According to their studies, each individual produces a different amount of earwax, that Carmelite substance that, contrary to what many people think, protects the ear from external agents that can enter through the outer orifice of the ear and also from excessive noise. To clean each ear it is advisable to slide an applicator moistened with oil or cleansing cream along the twisted paths of the outer cartilage and leave it on for a few minutes and then repeat the action with a clean and dry one.


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