Somatic Tissue Oxygenation: Can It Improve Our Health?

Increase oxygen concentration and avoid neurodegenerative diseases

Oxygen is essential for human health, its intake is only by breathing but it has a special and important participation in all metabolic reactions such as obtaining energy through the oxidation of nutrients. When the cells of the body do not receive the oxygen they die immediately.

Research has shown a clear connection between cancer and the lack of oxygen, thus it has been confirmed that several cancer cells are anaerobic; implying directly that an alkaline PH is beneficial for health.

It has been proven that people can live weeks without drinking water and without food, but without oxygen, the person will die in a matter of minutes, it should be noted that the body needs oxygen for the transformation of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; it is also the main element for respiratory processes.

Calculations have been made that indicate that people breathe about 20,000 times a day and some more current studies indicate that our lung capacity decreases 5% for each decade of life, this deficiency generates a smaller and smaller body, it should be noted that due to breathing every 90 minutes, millions of antibodies are synthesized, each one with 2000 amino acid and 400 million red blood cells are generated.

Proper oxygenation supports the elimination of bodily toxic wastes  through their oxidation, it is important to highlight that this process has a fundamental value for the proper functioning of red blood cells since it transports hemoglobin, a vital protein, benefiting all the cells of the body.

Ways to increase somatic (cell) oxygen concentration.

For this it is important to have an alkaline diet because some foods leave a series of residues which decreases the PH in the blood causing negative symptoms in people, another important factor is to drink enough water since this is not only vital only for good use of oxygen but also for the transport of blood.

This habit, that is to say, drinking enough water allows us to breathe properly because when the air is taken within the upper part of the body the blood vessels contract, which significantly reduces the arrival of oxygen, hydrating these vessels counteract this process.

There are many ways to increase the concentration of oxygen, one of which stands out is to perform daily physical activities, since practicing different aerobic activities such as swimming, walking, jogging, among many others, help to increase oxygen levels.

Exercising is essential for the removal of waste through the lymphatic system, since breathing in oxygen-rich air, regularly maintain the oxygenation levels activated. Another important tip is also to perform a series of slow breaths for 12 minutes from the nose through the diaphragm.

Benefits of oxygenation methods.

Among the main benefits of enhanced oxygenation methods is the increase in cell reproduction so that the body can heal itself thus improving the immune and nervous systems, reducing blood pressure and the risks of heart attack, accelerating wound healing and general improvement of diabetic people.

Optimal functioning of all organs increases energy levels since oxygen provides 90% of body energy, improves memory significantly, reduces varicose veins and cellulite, improves digestion, reduces fatigue and improves rest, among other benefits.

Oxygenation methods will allow you to obtain a state of relaxation in which you feel tranquility, serenity well-being and inner peace.


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SOURCEYesenia Mujica
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