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    Corn: A Delicious Typical Food Product with Many Health Benefits

    Corn is one of the most important cereals in the world due to its participation in a variety of preparations for the diet. We...

    Costa Rican Easter Culinary Traditions Prevent Food Loss and Waste

    For Costa Ricans, food has a special value during Easter. At this time, families enjoy honey, pickles, minced meat, donuts, cakes and other foods...

    Delight the International Fair of Gastronomy at the IICA this Weekend

    On Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, lovers of typical food from Latin America and the Caribbean will be able to enjoy the IICA headquarters in...

    Feeling “Chévere” in Costa Rica

    If you are a “Tico” and want to change the routine, or just refill your energy level, then come on and check out what...
    A thousand flavors

    Reserve of Traditional Culinary Art in Costa Rica

    At present, the nations that have tourism as the main source of income, or, as an economic model, try to reflect as much as possible their cultural diversity to the whole world

    Gastronomic Tourism

    It is always an interesting experience trying to meet the gastronomic customs of people from different parts of the world. No matter if you...
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