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    Take a Look At Some of Costa Rica’s Most Poisonous Animals

    There are 18 different varieties of poisonous snakes and some varieties of spiders in Costa Rica. The tarantula poison only causes excoriations, therefore they...
    Costa Rica is full of curiosities.

    Curiosities of Costa Rica that You Did Not Know

    Who does not feel proud of the beauty that your country offers? In this regard, we are not the exception. Costa Rica, a beautiful...
    Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

    The Osa Peninsula – No Power, No Problem

    No electricity seems to be a big problem normally. That usually means no clean laundry, no hot showers, and worst of all, no Netflix....

    Incredible Osa Peninsula Night Tours:

    Daytime tours are very popular activities down in the Osa Peninsula, and in Costa Rica in general. Daytime is when you can see curious...
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