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    Incredible Waterfalls Of Costa Rica

    With an orography full of mountains and lush forests that favor the existence of thousands of waterfalls, it is difficult to decide which are...

    One Of The Seven Costa Rican Wonders! Get To Know “Las Cortinas” Waterfall

    At the lost island of Jurassic Park, in the Siquirres mountains is “Las Cortinas Waterfall”, a waterfall of about 125 meters that attracts attention...

    Get to Know the Amazing Waterfalls of Costa Rica

    With an orography, full of mountains and lush forests that favors the existence of thousands of waterfalls (above in the Llanos de Cortez image),...

    Cataratas de La Paz, A Natural Refuge That Amazes All Who Visit

    La Paz waterfall is located in Vara Blanca de Heredia. It was completely restored after the Cinchona earthquake of 2013, which destroyed roads and communities near the Poas Volcano

    Life in a TreeHouse at Finca BellaVista, Costa Rica

    Did you see that Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi?  What did you think of that amazingly cool Ewok village?  Would you like...
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