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    More than 51 Million Attacks by Hackers During the Pandemic in Costa Rica

    More than 51 Million Attacks by Hackers During the Pandemic in Costa Rica

    The Computer Incident Response Center of Costa Rica (CSIRT-CR) issued an alert to the information officers of public institutions and political parties about a malicious software (malware) called Drovorub

    New National Campaign Invites Ticos to Recycle Cell Phones and Their Components

    The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), launched this week the campaign called “Dandö & Dandö el Planeta sale Ganando” (The planet wins when we all give)

    Study Reveals that the Coronavirus can Invade the Brain

    Headaches, confusion and delusions experienced by some COVID-19 patients could be the result of a direct invasion of the brain by the Coronavirus

    Fourth Massive Bee Poisoning this year in the Country: Two Million more Die in...

    Two million bees were poisoned in an apiary at Bijagual de Carara, in Turrubares de Puntarenas; apparently from the use of insecticides

    The University of Costa Rica (UCR), 80 Years of Service to the Nation

    The University of Costa Rica (UCR) has 1,191 laboratories, 48 research units, and is the main research institution in the country and in Central America

    Waterfall Hiking: these are the Magical Routes to the Wonderful Waterfalls of Costa Rica

    With the opening of the hotels to 100% of their capacity and after a long confinement, people have left their homes in search of adventure and economic reactivation

    Conservation Map of Costa Rica Grew more than 11 thousand km² in the Last...

    Costa Rica's conservation map is 11,122 km² larger than 10 years ago. In other words, in the last decade the area of ​​the country's natural territory has increased by the equivalent of 320 thousand times the size of the National Stadium

    Costa Rica and its Distant Relationship with Hurricanes

    There are people who remain uncertain about hurricanes and how they have impacted Costa Rica, if they affect it directly and indirectly

    Costa Rican Biologist Wins Prestigious Award for Studying Dragonflies

    The nature that surrounds us is full of mysteries and, as a society, we have only discovered a little part of it. One of them is that female dragonflies of the genus Ischnura imitate the blue color, characteristic of males, to avoid mating when they have not reached sexual maturity
    COVID-19 Let’s Just Not Sharpen the Wolf’s Teeth

    COVID-19: Let’s Not Sharpen the Wolf’s Teeth

    With reference to Covid-19, everything has focused on the virus and what has to be done with it, even the wildly sought vaccine

    Ecological Blue Flag Awarded To The Storage Center from The Municipality Of San José

    The Recycling Program from the Municipality of San José was awarded the Blue Flag Ecological Climate Change Award, being the only facility in this municipality that has this distinction

    Tips for Increasing Your Self-esteem

    Increasing self-esteem is vital for great personal growth. When you feel good about yourself, you focus on reaching your goals, having fun, and sharing with others
    How Science Makes People Believe that, Even if They are Healthy, They are Potentially Sick

    How Science Makes People Believe that, Even if Healthy, They are Potentially Sick

    Antonio Sitges-Serra has written a book that is as revealing and documented as it is controversial. And with a rather provocative title: "If you can, do not go to the doctor." The recommendation comes close

    When Will the Pandemic Curve be Broken in Costa Rica?

    On May 2nd, Costa Rica had broken the curve from the first wave of contagion for the novel Coronavirus and according to the latest official projections, the second wave should have reached its highest point in the middle of the previous month, an optimistic forecast that was not fulfilled

    Improve Your Well-being Through Meditation

    One of the best ways to find well-being and a balance between mind and body is through meditation. With this we can also reduce stress levels and concerns that come to us daily
    Three Spiritual Techniques that will Help you Heal Body and Mind

    Three Spiritual Techniques that will Help you Heal Body and Mind

    In this article you will learn 3 techniques that will help you connect with your spiritual side, in addition to healing both your mind and your body

    Maritime Terrestrial Zone in danger in Marbella, Costa Rica?

    The Federation for the Conservation of the Environment (FECON) recently requested the Municipality of Santa Cruz de Costa Rica to proceed and clean up the situation in the Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZMT) of the Marbella sector, within the district of Cuajiniquil

    National University Study Reveals a Healthy Aging Process for Senior Adults in Costa Rica

    An investigation by the School of Psychology and the Institute of Social Studies in Population (Idespo) of the National University found high scores associated with healthy aging by Ticos over 50 years of age.

    Noam Chomsky: “We Have Little Time Left to Decide Whether Human Life Will Survive”

    There has been no other moment of these characteristics in the history of Humanity. This is assured by the prestigious American intellectual and activist Noam Chomsky

    Patricia Portela de Souza Assumes Representation of UNICEF in Costa Rica

    The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) announced that Patricia Portela assumed the representation of the entity in Costa Rica

    “Reactivate Hope” Campaign Seeks to Combat Hunger in Guanacaste

    The cantons of Santa Cruz, Liberia and Carrillo - highly dependent on tourism - need your help. The "Reactivate Hope" campaign seeks to combat hunger in areas where tourism activity has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

    Rich Countries Run Over the Poor Countries in the Race for Vaccine Accessibility

    The United States, Europe and other wealthy countries are causing that the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (Cepi) falter, Cepi has the purpose of ensuring future COVID-19 vaccines are fairly distributed
    Russia Organizes Schedule for Application of COVID-19 Vaccines

    Russia Organizes Schedule for Application of COVID-19 Vaccines

    Starting in November, Russia will begin the application of vaccines against the Coronavirus for high-risk groups, announced the Minister of Health of that country, Mikhail Murashko

    Foods that Kill Your Immune System

    They say that we are what we eat, and many people bear in mind that the diet they eat is closely related to weight and physical appearance
    Bacteria Can Survive in Outer Space

    Bacteria Can Survive in Outer Space

    Experts have long talked about the different bacteria that exist, their effects, and how long they remain active. There is one that has become popular through research, it is called radio-resistant Deinococcus

    The New Fight Against Corruption in Costa Rica and its Impact on Private Business

    Corruption is a figure that, despite being socially criticized, has existed since the beginning of civilization. It is not possible to point to a single event in history as the trigger that originates the figure of corruption
    US Refuses to Participate in WHO Fund to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine Equitably

    US Refuses to Participate in WHO Fund to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine Equitably

    The Trump administration assured this September 1st  that it will not participate in the Covax mechanism, which would seek to distribute Covid-19 vaccines equitably in countries with fewer resources

    50% of COVID-19 Infections Come From People Without Symptoms, says Yale Study

    Half of the Covid-19 infections would be caused by people without symptoms: some in the pre-symptomatic stage and others completely asymptomatic

    Costa Rica is Ranked Third in the Region with the Lowest Gender Wage Gap

    Worldwide, on average, women receive 20.5% less in their monthly wages compared to what men earn, in Costa Rica the figure drops to 7.8%

    Discover the Benefits of Meditating in Times of Pandemic

    How many times during this quarantine have you not felt overwhelmed with feelings or emotions that you do not know how to handle?

    How to Take Care of Your Skin in Times of Pandemic

    Nowadays, many people are washing their hands and using disinfectants much more frequently than usual, in addition to the constant use of protective face masks

    Elon Musk’s “Neuralink”: Billionaire Entrepreneur’s Latest Breakthrough in His Plan to Connect Our Brains...

    Can you imagine being able to save your memories on a computer, directly from your brain, and see them again whenever you want?
    Facebook Opens Registration to its “Horizon Virtual Reality World”

    Facebook Opens Registration to its “Horizon Virtual Reality World”

    Facebook opened registrations to test the beta version of its virtual reality world called “Facebook Horizon” and the company announced that

    Human Reproduction Specialists in the Country Ask Their Patients Not to Postpone Treatments

    Human reproduction specialists are calling on those who dream of conceiving, so that due to the Pandemic

    Deputies Seek to Ease Vehicle Restriction to Promote Tourism on Weekends

    The National Assembly is working on a plan seeking that the sanitary vehicle restriction does not apply during holidays, with the aim that people...

    Costa Rican is the First Latina Speaker at a Prestigious Chat Marketing Conference

    A Costa Rican will be the first Latina to appear at the marketing conference focused on Chatbot and Neuromarketing tactics

    In Addition To Making It a National Symbol, Costa Ricans are Drinking More Coffee

     2020 is a positive year for coffee consumption in Costa Rica: in addition to having been declared a national symbol, it is estimated that its sales in the local market will increase by 10% throughout the year

    Learn About what Negative Psychological Effects the COVID-19 Pandemic is Having on People

    According to experts in the field, the negative psychological effects that the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving on people have increased exponentially in recent months

    “Los Santos” Invites You to Discover its Attractions With Your Social Bubble

    If you are looking for a destination to relax, the Los Santos area invites you to visit its attractions, including Dota, Tarrazú and León Cortés
    Masks Against the Coronavirus: How the Rejection of Mask Use, Unites the Extreme Right and the Extreme Left

    Masks Against the Coronavirus: How the Rejection of Mask Use, Unites the Extreme Right...

    Shouting "freedom" and without social distance, more than 2,500 people gathered this Sunday in the center of Madrid to protest against the mandatory use of masks
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