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    Ministry of Technology Boosts Technological Development of Costa Rica

    El anuncio fue realizado por el ministro del área tecnológica, Luis Adrián Salazar, durante una actividad llamada "Hacia la 4ta revolución industrial", en la que también participó el presidente Carlos Alvarado . El plan se financiará con una contribución no reembolsable del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) por US $ 15 millones

    Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Will Be the New ‘ID Cards’ of Costa Ricans

    The surveillance camera recorded a criminal while committing his misdeeds in the mall. But it was not just any recording.

    Costa Rica Has Advanced 75% for Analog Blackout

    The country has advanced 75% for the analog blackout that will take place on August 4th, 2019. The Alvarado administration took on this project...

    National Parks in Costa Rica Will Offer Free Internet to Their Visitors

    Within the framework of the Digital Transformation Strategy towards Costa Rica of Bicentennial 4.0, work is being carried out on the implementation of the...

    This Is Why Costa Rica Is So Attractive to Google

    Costa Rica is one of the countries with the highest Internet penetration in the region, along with other nations such as Argentina or Chile....

    Government Seeks Internet Connection for 4,659 Educational Centers

    The Government of Costa Rica aims to create a nationwide broadband network so that 4,659 schools can have an Internet connection. This was announced...

    Costa Rica Will Host the World Robot Olympiad 2017

    Putting creativity into practice and proposing innovative solutions to create sustainable robots are just 2 of the challenges involving 2,500 children and young people...

    The World Robot Olympiad Is Coming to Costa Rica

    Have you ever watched robots playing soccer or bowling? In November in Costa Rica, you can watch young talented engineers showcase their intelligent robots...
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