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    Costa Rica’s Carara National Park Teems with Wildlife

    Crowded paths, loud beaches and more people than animals – for a few years now people have been complaining about the booming tourism in...
    Kelly Creek Hotel Cahuita

    Wildlife in your Backyard – Kelly Creek Hotel

    Wake up by the howling of the monkeys, get up with a deep breath of the fresh and salty air of the sea and...
    Congo Bongo's Hostel and Camping

    Pure Nature: Congos Hostel and Camping

    Sleeping with the sound of the sea in the background, sitting late at night outside under a rooftop of stars and start the day with...

    Catch ‘em all: the animals of Tortuguero

    OEH-OEH-OEH-OEH-OEHHHHHH; while I’m paddling with six other people in a canoe through the canals of Tortuguero, I suddenly hear an overwhelming sound right behind...
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