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    The Upcoming American Election

    Unless you are living in a cave with no internet access, it is almost impossible not to know that the Americans are getting ready...
    Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica


    Perhaps by now, you have already heard the phrase “Pura Vida” being used frequently.  Hopefully you have a good understanding of the meaning of...

    Expectations of the Land Between Two Oceans

    En Route to The Rich Coast. By: James Stefanuto. Beyond the shade of perennial tropical foliage and far from the parallel coastlines, the life of a...

    Doing Business in Costa Rica

    The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - Costa Rica is a beautiful place to live, full of stunning scenery and friendly people. An additional bonus...

    Costa Rica Health Care: Public or Private?

    Kat Sunlove, For some weeks now there has been the threat of a strike by health workers at Costa Rica’s national medical group, the Caja...
    costa rica fruits and vegetables

    Retirement in Costa Rica: You’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

    Although Costa Rica is far more “Westernized” than many other Central or South American locales, it still offers exasperating surprises for expats.
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