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    Take a Look At Some of Costa Rica’s Most Poisonous Animals

    There are 18 different varieties of poisonous snakes and some varieties of spiders in Costa Rica. The tarantula poison only causes excoriations, therefore they...

    The Terciopelo Viper: Costa Rica’s Baddest Snakes

    For many people, no creature causes as much disgust and terror as snakes. Also known as ophidians, they are a family of carnivorous reptiles...

    Report on Biodiversity in Costa Rica, Reflects the Reality of Our Ecosystems

    Costa Rica has the greatest amount of biodiversity per square kilometer in the world; this information is extremely important to share. In recent research,...

    New Law Amendment Seeks to Protect Local Flora and Fauna

    Costa Rica counts on a new law to preserve local wildlife. This new amendment seeks to guarantee the protection of local species. This law...
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