Costa Rica counts on a new law to preserve local wildlife. This new amendment seeks to guarantee the protection of local species. This law is part of the bill discussed and then approved in 2012.

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“The amendment of the law facilitates the procedures and requirements for the conservation and the sustainable use of wildlife from the different ecosystems: islands, seas, oceans and rainforests” – said one of the congressmen during a press conference.

The law is intended to regulate poaching and wood cutting in protected areas. The National System of Protected Areas (Sinac in Spanish) will take action against poachers  in those zones if necessary.

The modification doesn’t include exotic animals like canaries, lovebirds, peacocks, ornamental fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, among other species, according to the Animal Health National Service report.


New tools

With this change, the country will have a virtual platform called National System of Wildlife Information. On the website you will be able to register to the system and find general information related to wildlife conservation.  Besides that, the names of the endangered species in Costa Rica will be published on the portal.

Added to this, the government will be using other strategies to diminish the ecological damage that exotic species cause to the local ecosystems.

Enjoy this video about wildlife in Costa Rica.

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