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    César Valverde Vega: One of the Most Important Costa Rican Artists of Recent Times

    César Valverde Vega (San José, March 8, 1928) was a Costa Rican painter, writer, and lawyer, planner,...

    3 Steps Truckers Should Take After Being Involved in an 18-Wheeler Collision

    The traumatic and stressful aftermath of a semi-truck accident can be a challenging time to gather your thoughts and react...

    Costa Rica Real Estate Buyers Guide: Part III, Purchase Process & Legal Vocabulary

    Feeling comfortable with the purchase process begins with understanding the most common terminology. While the purchase process may seem very simple, there are some...

    Barrantes & Associates: Meeting Legal Needs in Costa Rica

    The realities of life are always there no matter where you live, something the legal firm of Barrantes & Associates fully understands. Established in 1999, my team at Barrantes & Associates is fluent in English and can handle all legal needs.
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