3 Steps Truckers Should Take After Being Involved in an 18-Wheeler Collision

The traumatic and stressful aftermath of a semi-truck accident can be a challenging time to gather your thoughts and react appropriately, particularly if you’re not prepared to deal with such a scenario and haven’t yet contacted a 18-wheeler collision attorney. Taking the wrong actions during this stage can have a major impact on whether you’re able to recover due compensation for your insurance claims. On the other hand, responding in an optimal manner will drastically increase your chances of obtaining the maximum amount of compensation.  With that said, here are 3 steps every truck driver should take after being involved in an 18-wheeler collision, ranked in order of importance:

  1. 1. Contact a Local Truck Accident Lawyer

After the initial hustle and bustle that takes place on the scene if the accident, contacting a local 18-wheeler collision attorney is the most important step you can take to ensure you’re monetarily compensated. They’ll be able to help you submit an effective claim and negotiate with other attorneys who are representing potentially liable parties. They’ll also have extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations that will influence your case, such as truck inspection requirements, cargo loading regulations, and traffic laws. 

  1. 2. Gather Any Evidence and Documentation That Could Support Your Claim

Start by collecting the insurance and contact info for all of the involved motorists at the scene. Typically, this will be facilitated by the officers who respond to the scene of the accident. You should also gather any records related to truck maintenance, cargo loading, trailer docking, mechanical repairs, and any other factors that could have contributed to the cause of the accident. The more data you have to back up your claim, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to recover optimal compensation.  

  1. 3. Visit the Appropriate Healthcare Specialist to Have Your Injuries Assessed and Treated

If you were injured in any way during the accident, it’s imperative that you visit the local emergency room to have your injuries treated and documented immediately after the accident. Having proof that your injuries were diagnosed on the same day as the accident can help to bolster your claim’s accuracy and chances of approval. Likewise, be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment with a specialist to can gain access to a more specialized opinion. Having an expert document the nature and extent of your injuries will help you prove that you require significant personal injury compensation.

  1. Never File a Claim Without the Help of an Attorney

Ultimately, it’s never wise to submit any insurance claims without the assistance of a qualified truck accident lawyer who has experience in dealing with cases in your area. Doing so will only increase the odds of having your claim denied or reduced, while also making the process more difficult on yourself. In fact, even if you forget to take the other two steps mentioned above, simply contacting an attorney will lead you in the right direction, because they’ll be able to provide advice on how to proceed and help keep your trucker authority.

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