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    Costa Rican Cocoa Producers Compete For Recognition of Their Quality

    Cocoa production in Costa Rica is consolidated and the quality of the production is recognized in the world for being 100% fine or aroma....

    Joint Strategy is Launched to Improve Cocoa Production in Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador

    A group of researchers from Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador will hold a virtual event to improve cocoa production for those three countries in...
    Cocoa Producers move Towards Organic Production in Costa Rica

    Cocoa Producers move Towards Organic Production in Costa Rica

    Farmers from the Guatuso Agro-environmentalist Cacao Producers Association (ASOPAC) of Alajuela, undertook the effort for an area of 50 hectares sown in a traditional organic manner free of agrochemicals

    The Chocolate Culture, Our Tradition With Very Deep Ancestral Roots

    Chocolate is the food that is obtained by mixing sugar with two products derived from the manipulation of cocoa seeds: cocoa mass and cocoa...

    Producers Will Take Course on History and Production of Cocoa in Guatuso

    If you are from Guatuso or its surroundings, do not miss this training course on the history and production of cocoa in the area....
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