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    Costa Ricans Consume Almost Double Salt of What They Should

    Costa Rica almost doubles the amount of salt that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), should be consumed, a situation that is worrying...

    The Key to Eat Better and, at the Same Time, Protect the Planet

    To feed 10,000 million humans by 2050, in a healthy way and respecting the planet at the same time, experts advocate dividing the consumption...

    “King” Coconut and Its Benefits for Your Health

    Coconut is a natural delight, which brings many health benefits already used all the way back in primitive medicine. It relieves dehydration and has...

    The WHO Launches Plan to Eliminate Trans-Fats from Food in the World

    The World Health Organization (WHO) launched on Monday morning a global strategy to eliminate the use of trans-fats in the food industry, restaurants, and...

    Quit Smoking

    Quit smoking is one of the biggest challenges any smoker faces since he is addicted to it due to the rapid action of nicotine...
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