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    Valeriano Fernández Ferraz, Meritorious Costa Rican Educator

    Valeriano Fernandez Ferraz, Philologist, pedagogue, and Spanish university professor, born at the beginning of the second third of the 19th century. Based in Costa Rica...

    José María Zeledón Brenes and Manuel María Gutiérrez Flores, Illustrious Authors of the Costa...

    These illustrious characters are remembered over the years for marking the history of Costa Rica, bringing out all that sensitivity and love for our...

    Margarita Bertheau and Teodorico Quirós Alvarado, Two Very Distinguished Costa Rican Plastic Artists

    In the artistic expressions of our country, you can recognize a common thread through innumerable years of pre and post Columbian history, identifiable in...

    César Valverde Vega: One of the Most Important Costa Rican Artists of Recent Times

    César Valverde Vega (San José, March 8, 1928) was a Costa Rican painter, writer, and lawyer, planner, public official, and diplomat. He was one...

    Don Carlos Monge Alfaro: Costa Rica's Renaissance Man

    Carlos Monge Alfaro (Cartago, May 22, 1909 - San José, April 8, 1979) was an educator, writer, essayist, historian, geographer, politician, and Costa Rican philosopher

    A Heartfelt Tribute to the Always Remembered Poet Rogelio Fernandez Güell

    Rogelio Fernández Güell. Writer, poet, politician and Costa Rican journalist. Puritan man, principled, courageous and sincere with his political ideals. He was a deputy...
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