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    Costa Rican Food Production and Agrochemical Residues, a Toxic Combination

    In recent days, it was known that 19.5% of the fresh vegetables produced...

    Pollinators Are Essential for Economic Reactivation after COVID-19 Pandemic

    In recent weeks, business chambers in Costa Rica have irresponsibly pressed for Costa Rica to allow the use of more agrochemicals without...

    The MD-2 Pineapple Variety: The Bitter Side of Sweetness

    As it is well known, since 2007, Costa Rica dominates the world’s pineapple market, thanks to the MD-2 variety (better known as “Sweet Gold” or “Golden”)

    Costa Rica Prohibits Use of Glyphosate in Its Protected Wild Areas

    The National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) issued a guideline, which prohibits the use of glyphosate in the 11 Protected Wild Areas (ASP) of the country, as well as in the institution's offices

    Pre-Conference on Climate Change Will Talk About Moratorium on the Pineapple Expansion

    The United Nations (UN) has pointed to agribusiness as responsible for aggravating the Climate Crisis, mainly due to the impacts resulting from the change...

    First Municipality in Costa Rica to Ban the Use of Agrochemicals in Public Spaces

    Agrochemical or agrichemical, a contraction of agricultural chemical, is a generic term for the various chemical products used in agriculture. In most cases, agrichemical...

    Reform regulations for use of agrochemicals do not open loopholes for environmental effect

    The technical regulation 484: 2016 to reform the rules governing the use of agrochemicals in the country has no loopholes that allow the impact...
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